Hi, my name is Zeus.  I was rescued from the Spring Branch area in northwest Houston in July, 2009.  I was hanging around a shelter for men and women where I was being fed by the nice folks there.  I was being fed scraps of meat and whatever else was around.  A nice lady that saw me there when she was visiting her brother thought I was a kitten.  According to the vet, I am 5 years old.  I was small and frail-looking.  The nice lady made plans to get me out of that environment to make sure I was “off the streets” and fed properly in a foster home.

I was taken to my temporary foster home where other cats, kittens and doggies reside.  I was scared at first, but now it’s not so bad.

My ideal of a “forever home” is that I need to be the Only cat in the family.  Because, you see, it was discovered that I have FIV+ (kitty aids).  I really see me with a loving family or individual being able to watch TV together (on their lap, preferably) or if they are on the computer.  Just being close to a family member petting my body and rubbing my ears while everyone is relaxing.  I really like my ears being rubbed. 

I really like dry food and wet dry food –layered in the same bowl.

Neutered & Current on vaccinations