Hi- I'm KayCee and I am one lucky kitty. Not long ago, it was a

different story. I had been someone's pet and then I was left behind

to fend for myself. I took refuge under a barn, searching for anything

to fill my tummy. It wasn't until I was skin and bones (less than 5lbs),

when I decided to venture out from under the barn and look for

someone to feed me like before. A nice lady took care of me for a

couple months, took me to the vet, got me all healthy (I was already

spayed) and found this wonderful adoption group called Loving Arms.

I will never again be hungry or cold, and hopefully soon find a wonderful

permanent home. I am a little timid, but this is all new to me. I am a

sweet, beautiful girl with gorgeous green eyes. I am probably about 5

years old. I am okay with another laid back cat (no youngsters or

roughhousers please).