Dear Ms. Connie,

I want to thank you so much for sending me to the hospital for the heartworm treatment. I'm feeling much better now. When I first came to this home, I was pretty skinny and scared. Now I have gained some weight and am getting along well with my new people. I haven't met the puppies yet--but I bet they will be fun.. I can't get exicited right now---still have to take it easy and take my medicine--I think it begins with a "p". I may not like cats as much as I thought, and rain and storms scare me to death. I love these sunny days.

Well, I'll close now----thanks again----glad I won't be a candidate for a heart transplant. HAAAAA.

Love, peace and a"High Paw",

Marco Murphy

Heyyyy there! My name is Marco, I'm a beautiful pitbull and border collie mix. I have a great personality, and I'm just a cool dog in general. I'm very loving and low key, I'm not hyper like some other dogs, and I'm very smart and extremely loyal. My foster Ma, thinks I'm the bomb and I'm just grateful to be off of 610, it was pretty nerve wracking out there. I haven't been around too many cats, but I think I like them, I only barked when one ate from my food bowl, and I'm pretty relaxed around other dogs. Overall I'm an exceptional pup. Hugs & Licks, Marco Marco is currently pending heartworm treatment and is need of foster family. If interested in helping Marco, please let us know: lovingarmspets@aol.com