Hi! I’m Skylar and I was rescued just in time from the Humble Pound. The vet thinks I’m about a year and a half old. I love my kitty friends, Sophie and Stella. We spend lots of time sitting on the windowsill watching the birds, playing with our toys, and chasing each other. I also love to run up and down the stairs – and I LOVE to explore! I was a little shy when I first arrived at my foster home, but I’ve gradually become more brave and I am definitely a curious girl. I’ve even met some new cats in my foster home and I’m very happy playing with them - but I will stick up for myself if I need to. I would much rather play all day and then take a nap in a sunbeam.
I have a beautiful medium-length coat, just like my sister, Sophie. It’s very shiny and I keep it very clean, so there’s not much for you to do other than brush me gently every now and then. When I first arrived at my foster home, they thought maybe I was part Oriental. Since then, I’ve filled out to become a gorgeous girl and it looks like my origins may be even more mysterious. That’s me: International Kitty of Mystery!
I’ve discovered that I really love to be with people. I’ll take a tummy rub or a chin scratch over almost anything else. In fact, when it’s dinner time, I don’t even want to go eat until I’ve had a good snuggle. I’m learning that people are a very good thing and I’m very gentle with everyone I meet. I’ll even roll over to let you rub my tummy – just to show that we’re friends already. My foster mom tells me that I have a huge heart wrapped up in a very pretty package. I just know that I have lots of love to share!