My sister, Punkin, and I were dumped outside by our previous owner (a single man, in June 2008) who decided he no longer wanted we had to fiend for ourselves. HOW RUDE!! & MEAN!! We were only 6 or 7 months old at the time. He wanted a dog instead.

A nice young lady in the same apartment project picked us up & took us to her Dad’s house so we would be SAFE!!

Our life is much better now at our foster home!! We get served wet kitten food 2 times a day-we really love that part of our day!! Our foster mom keeps dry food out all day for us, too!! We even get tasty treats at bedtime just like our doggie roommate.

Our roommate at our foster home is a 2 year old small dog!!! He is really a nice doggie!! We even touch noses. We don’t mind him around. He is in a crate. There are 2 other dogs around who are fascinated with us and very friendly.

We really like a scratching post in our room. We use it a LOT!!!
We both really like having our back scratched close to the tail…That is really a way to win points with us!!! We will take scratches under the chin..that works, too!!

We have always been together and would like to stay together-after all—we are sisters!! We play well with each other, too!! We are strictly inside cats!!! We do not like it outside…we are really scared being outside by ourselves!!