I thought it was a bad dream – but I was awake! It was the end of April and I was afraid it was the end for all of us. I had been dumped, along with my kittens and my friends Sophie and Skylar, at the Humble pound and the clock was ticking down. At the last minute, a kind lady came in and saved us! My kittens all went to new homes and I got a second chance, along with Sophie and Skylar.
The vet says that I’m probably about five years old but he thought I’d had a hard life. I just know that once we were all safe and had good food to eat, I felt a lot better. I don’t look like I’ve had a hard life: my coat is sooo soft and in the right light, like when I’m in a warm sunbeam, you can see that even though it looks black, it’s really a yummy dark chocolate color. I’m not sure where that beautiful color came from, but maybe I had a relative that was one of those “Havana Browns” I’ve heard people talk about. The vet did have to remove 12 of my teeth (the little tiny ones at the front) because of some cavities, but the rest of my teeth are beautiful and shiny and white (the vet cleaned them!) and the ones that are missing don’t bother me and don’t keep me from eating at all – I can eat canned and dry food.
I love playing with Sophie and Skylar and I am friendly with other cats that are friendly to me. One of my favorite things is to have the top of my head stroked – I’ll close my eyes and purr. I’m a little shy in new situations, but once I get to know you, I’ll talk to you and tell you all about my day. Maybe then you could tell me all about yours?