I’m Sophie. I’m The Princess. I’m really glad that someone read the right story and discovered that princesses do not belong in the pound! I was rescued just in time from the Humble pound with my kitty friends, Stella and Skylar.
I can be a little shy around people I don’t know very well and in situations that are new and scary (I like to think I’m just being dignified), but once I’ve had a little time to size up the situation and know that you’re my friend, I am very gentle and affectionate. I also like other friendly cats and will play with them quite happily once we’ve gotten to know each other.
I feel the most brave when I’m with my sister, Skylar. I love to play with her! My favorite thing to do is drag the bird from my little bird boinger around – after I’ve detached the bird from the boinger, of course.
The vet thinks I’m probably close to three years old, which means that I am a sleek, shiny, and beautiful young lady. I’m a medium-haired kitty, so my coat is soft and thick but doesn’t require you to do very much except brush me gently now and then. My foster mom tells me that I have a beautiful and expressive face. I love to talk, but I don’t think there’s any reason for a princess to raise her voice, so no loud yowling for me. I can definitely make myself understood, though, and usually have plenty to say at dinner time. In fact, everyone I know thinks that I make the perfect dinner companion. Would you like to join me?