Hi! I am one of the “Community Kitties”! What I mean by that is, someone abandoned us at the vet. We were taken in by the entire group at Loving Arms, no single foster, we were shared! We were always kept together and never separated. We are very special. Our mom was abandoned with us and was trying her best to take care of us but she was a very pretty Siamese kittie and got a permanent home with someone right away at the vet’s, but they did not want the 6 of us babies. Some folks seem to think that if they leave kitties or puppies in boxes at a vet or at Petsmart or some other pet store that we will automatically be taken care of. How wrong they are! Animal Control had already been called to come get us before Loving Arms stepped in to save us. You see, if we had gone to animal control, since we were so young we would have required extra care which meant a death sentence for us there. It would have ended for us probably that very day. We love all our volunteers and now we are just waiting for that someone special that will love us and take care of us forever.