Board of Directors:

The members of the Board of Directors is comprised of three individuals, who decided to build the organization Loving Arms Pet Placement to address the problems of stray and abandoned animals in the Harris County region of Texas. They have many years of experience in the rescue and placing into permanent homes of stray or abandoned animals. Through experience they have learned that the shelters are overwhelmed and these particular animals rarely get adopted through the shelter network in the region. We support those compassionate folks who rescue an animal they see in need , we at Loving Arms Pet Placement give them an alternative by our fostering program to give the animal they took off the street a chance for a loving and permanent home.


Our Mission:


A nonprofit animal welfare organization dedicated to finding permanent homes for stray and abandoned animals. 


To provide educational resources.


To support other rescue/welfare groups



Our Program:

Loving Arms Pet Placement is a non profit  501 (c)(3) organization supported entirely by private donations and the support of dedicated volunteers. When an individual rescues a companion animal we offer an alternative to taking the animal to a shelter. If our rescuer agrees to care for the animal’s  essential needs such as food, cleanliness and shelter we provide the veterinary care needed to get the animal healthy enough for adoption. All animals will be spayed or neutered prior to being placed for adoption. We will provide organized adoption programs which include our website and arranging sites for the animals to meet the public.  Loving Arms Pet Placement also provides humane education to support healthy and loving companion animal/human relationships, and to prevent cruelty of any kind.  Loving Arms Pet Placement offers support to other animal welfare organizations  and works jointly with other groups to address the problems of stray and abandoned pets.