We found a group of feral cats in our backyard at the height of the heat of summer. I didn't realize it at the time, but the skittish black and white one was pregnant. We believe they were born around the fourth of July. We rescued them from the backyard when they were about 6 weeks old. They look to be part Egyptian Mao with the long face and tail.

They were wild little things that hated us with a passion. But by the end of the first week, we had gotten them to trust us a little. The breakthrough was with the male kitty. I brought in some really stinky wet kitty food and he was charmed. We named him Jabba because of his love of food. The other two warmed up quickly after that. The solid tabby took the longest, so we named her Tiger. Spot got her name for obvious reasons.

Other than some problems with worms (as you would expect from wild cats), they have been pretty healthy. Jabba had a bout with feline acne, but that has cleared up with the removal of all plastic dished. Tiger gave us a terrible scare when she was about 2 months old. She had a seizure Labor Day weekend and we had to take her to an emergency vet. We never found out what caused the seizure, but she has not had another one since (thankfully). Spot has had no drama health wise.

They all love to cuddle. They accept being groomed very well. My 10 year old even brushed their teeth! Spot is the most active and the clown of the bunch. (That's saying something with kittens!) Jabba is a climber, but mostly wants to be held. Tiger is the scared-cat. She is the most loving of the bunch, insisting on being held and constantly by your side, but she gets scared in carriers and around lots of people. Give her a little time and some quiet, and she will be the best cat ever.