Hello, my name is Jasmine.  I was born in February 2010.  The vet is unsure of my breed.  I am probably a whippet mix.  I am a very sweet, high energy dog.  I love to play with my toys and other dogs.  I am a fast runner.  I need a house with a big yard or someone who wants to take me on long walks.  I am very affectionate and friendly.  I enjoy riding in the car with my foster family.  Please consider making me a part of your family.  You may visit me at the adoption site at the Copperfield PetSmart on Saturdays between 11am-5pm.    


Jasmine facts:

Breed: Vet said Chihuahua mix – based on the fact she was found the same day, in the same location as a Chihuahua or Chihuahua mix puppy.

Age: 7-16-10 estimated to be 19 weeks
Shots: has had all three puppy series and rabies/ bordatella and Lepto I believe – you have a copy of her vet record

House manners – needs frequent potty breaks if she is not in her crate. She still whines a bit in there and we are working on that. She is starting to chew; probably because she’s getting adult teeth. I’ve left her in a room for 15 minutes or so. Definitely would not leave her for long periods unattended.

Personality – happy, low-key temperament, not alpha as far as I can tell. We are getting her used to playing with our other younger dog. The older ones don’t want to bump and run and some are bearing their teeth. That seems to be enough for her to leave them alone. She loves to cuddle, give kisses and play with toys and seems very happy-go-lucky. She likes to be with other dogs and people. We don’t have cats; so don’t know about that.