Life is Good! Sabrina in her forever home!

And some thought that an older kitty would not have a happy ending! Well, look at Blue!

From Blue's new Momma! "Blue is doing fabulous! Today is bath day. He just loves my purse and loves to be close"

Dill and Charlotte!

Sweet Pea in her new home! Homeless to Happy! (She's the grey one!)

These babies came a long way after being abandoned by the garbage cans at Petsmart! Now they have their very own house and very own golden Retriever!

Jenny happy in her new home!

Look what a beauty Pebbles turned into!

That's right! Emma got her brand new home with an admiring gentleman!

Jules goes home

Sarah saying goobye to her foster boy......

    And Hello to her new home!

Smokey and new brother Tuffy!

Westley and his new home!

Tyler has a new brother Andy!!


Beaux found his forever home!




Chi going home!

Shelby waited 5 years for her forever home, then the wonderful one came along.


Rockefeller going home with his adoring new family!


Quincy going home with his new Mom!


Colbye going home with his new family,


Robbie going home with his new parents! He reports he is loving it and has already taken a wonderful road trip in this lovely weather.


Nutmeg came to visit us at Petsmart with her sister! She looks so happy!

Chaille is now known as Nutmeg! Her Sisters are Pepper and Ginger.


Our million dollar dog hit the JACKPOT! She has her very own personal VET!!


Angel's new Dad sent us some new photos!

Angel and her new family!

Angel's new dad reports that she and Milly the golden are BEST FRIENDS!


I found my forever home! Much love to all the volunteers-Molly


Found My Home! Thanks Mom! Barney


Getting ready to start the rest of my Happy Life! Thanks all, Lacy


Update on Zoe! formerly known as Random....

Here's Zoe and Bella - they wrestle and chase each other for hours inside and out. Zoe is a lot more mellow than Bella, so when Zoe's had enough she simply sits on Bella. They have become fast friends and are inseparable.

Zoe's new family says "Zoe is a wonderful addition to our family and I want to thank both of you for looking after her until our paths crossed. We looked at dozens of potential adoptions before we found Zoe - we weren't looking for "a" dog. We were looking for "the" dog. We certainly found her with Zoe"

Thanks Chance!    Zoe

Update! August 2009


*************************************************************************Goldie's Goldie's new sister!

Goldie's new brother!


Grover and his new Mom

See our Family Story for updated photos of Grover, now named Max!

Dear Loving Arms Pet Placement,

Grover’s name is now Max and he has become a wonderful addition to our family. He is getting along very well with our chocolate Lab, Bailey. Max’s favorite thing to do (aside from napping) is swipe at Bailey’s tail as she walks by. The boys love having Max and play with him daily. They take turns feeding and watering both pets and love to have Max curl up in their laps as they play games or watch TV. I have attached pictures of our beautiful Max so you can see how he is getting along. It was a pleasure working with you through out the adoption process and would highly recommend your organization to any family who is interested in adopting a pet. Max went to our Vet (Dr. McIntyre of Crossroads Animal Clinic) and she raved about how beautiful, healthy and friendly he was. Thank You for the work you do and for bringing us all together!


Sherman and his happily ever after!


Tyler's new family!


Daisy at home with her new Dad! Thanks so much for my second chance!


Scooby and his stuffed friend Jack

Scooby enjoying a bone in his new home disguised as a bumble bee!


Daisy found her forever home! Reports from her new home say she is adjusting well and becoming a member of her new family just fine!


Carmelo at home with his new sibling! His new parent reports how lovely Carmelo is and that he is right at home.


Bess and Eleanor in their new home!

Letter was received from Bess and Elli's new home in May!

Dear Loving Arms Pet Placement

I just want to say thank you for these wonderful kitties! I have had pets my whole life and with the exception of my cat I just lost Belle, they were all skittish and not very nice. These two were put to the test yesterday as we had family in from New Orleans for my youngest son’s first communion. Included in this family are a 3 year old and a 16 month old. They were both interested in the cats and the cats were so good!! They laid there and let the kids pet them and pull on their ears. They even rolled over and let the kids rub their bellies. I know it was because of you and your volunteers that they were able to tolerate these small children. I told my sisters-in-law that it was because they were raised in an adoption center and part of the rehab is having children come in and play with them to acclimate them to being around all ages. I was so impressed as I have never seen a cat just lay there and “take it” from a small child.

Right now Ellie is laying next me on the couch and sound asleep as though she does not have a care in the world!!!

Thank you again for these new babies! We just love them!!

Have a Good Day!
 Updated Photo of Bessie and Ellie and their sister Ocia.


Pancho and Lovey, our matched pair have been adopted together! Best Friends Forever!


Rocky went home with his new family!