Alia, a beagle mix, is about 12 months old.
She's got short white fur, with some brown patches.

She's a lively, active dog that absolutely loves people. She is being
fostered in a home with another dog that she can often be found playing with
or sleeping next to on the couch. She takes turns being the domintate
or submissive one, so plays well. She loves her tug rope, and will
chase almost anything you throw. (Though she hasn't learned to bring it
back so you can throw it again ;-)

She's currioius about our male cat, but he swiped her nose when she got
too close, so she's a bit gunshy! This is one curious dog! She wants
to investigate everything, almost like a cat ... wonder if she was one
in a previous live?

She wants/needs to be indoors! At least when you're home, preferably on
the sofa with other family members/pets, or in a chair. We've gotten
her pretty much housebroken, but she will use a couple of puppy pads if
her one or two daily walks get delayed, or if we don't let her out at
the appropriate times.

Alia loves to run, and we take her off lead at the ball field, and she
comes back when called. She also seems to be somewhat fond of the water.
She shouldn't be a primarily outside dog, this girl. She craves her
humans. She's also a bit timid around agressive or agressively barking
dogs, but played well with others on a short trip to the park.