Violet is a real sweethear! She was found wandering and alone, she love everyone she meets!

Colonel Sanders, eat your heart out!
Church's has you beat for the best poster girl!

Violet was homeless at a time when you'd want to be inside by the fireplace, under a comforter and watching the rain pour down. Instead, Violet was trudging the streets, hoping to get enough to eat to nurse her newborn puppies.

Her rescuer couldn't find her babies and she initially couldn't get Violet to trust her. But, with the help of chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy from Church's, they got closer to the day when Violet would be safe. One night, at the regular Friday "picnic," Violet became very excited when she saw a man come out of his apartment. He had also been feeding her and to trying to befriend her, and amazingly, Violet allowed him to pick her up and put her in the car!

Violet is a beautiful girl, likely a Catahoula mix, and she absolutely loves other dogs and she is a huge fan of the dog park! Violet is a five on a 1-to-10 energy rating, and she would really like to have a dog pal to share her family with. She is curious about cats, but doesn't really know any of them well enough to say how well she likes them….but she doesn't hate them!

At three years of age, this great girl has many years of love to shower on you! Violet is ready to meet you, and she would love to learn all the doggie commands and manners any good Southern girl should know!

Right now, Violet is boarding at a kennel during the week and spending weekends at her rescuer's home, which she loves! Violet and her rescuer would love to talk to you about being a foster parent, if you are ready for the best doggie visitor ever!