Volunteer with Baby she rescued! The baby is named El Hombre! El Hombre got lost from his mom and was found crying in a storage shed. He is about two weeks old here.


Two helpless infant kittens, no more than 2 or 3 days old were left in a box at the Petsmart in Copperfield. Lucky for them, one of our volunteers is also employed there and immediately got them to safety, wrapped them in a blanket to keep them warm and started the arduous task of teaching them how to bottle feed. It is the most amazing thing to watch a bottle baby eat, they hold the bottle just like human babies! The Babies are very fat now thanks to the volunteers feeding them every four hours in the beginning and now every six! The babies are now known as Nike and Chanel.

Please help us continue to help them! Formula and Veterinary care for ones this small is expensive.

Chanel                                           Nike

New Photos May 15, 2009

Nike is getting big!


The Octuplets! A mom was rescued from the Humble Pound and she is now known as Octomom! We are in negotiations for a reality show!! But seriously, the kittens are precious and are doing well, and the Moms real name is Mia. The kittens are three days old.

Update! Kittens are 12 days old...

We are getting big now!

Mia's Babies

Angel                                                                    Sante                                                               Scotty



Another Mom was rescued from the streets and look at her cute babies! This is Lucy and her brood! The Kittens are 1 month old!

Beautiful Mom Lucy

Lucy's babies

Houdini                                                 Norton                                Valentine                               Turtle