One word to describe Navarre: Exuberant! Navarre is most definitely a cat lover’s cat. Happy, brave, but with a tender heart, every day is an adventure for Navarre.
Things didn’t always look so bright for Navarre. To begin with, he was passed over as “just another black cat” at the shelter. And at some time in his past, he had experienced a trauma which damaged his left eye, leaving him unable to see with that eye. These things could have doomed him at a high kill shelter. Fortunately, someone noticed this diamond in the rough and believed this delightful boy deserved a chance.
Thanks to the kindness of people he had never even met, Navarre was able to undergo surgery to remove his damaged left eye. He has perfect vision in his right eye and is completely healed from his surgery. As far as Navarre is concerned, he doesn’t have a problem in the world and gets around just like any other cat – but with considerably more enthusiasm.
Navarre is still young and plays hard; he can play a little rough for some reserved kitties but is learning to be a happy member of the group and not wear out all the other kitties. He has become a very happy housecat; he loves to be right with you all the time, whether that means racing you up and down the stairs or pulling his favorite sleeping blanket onto your bed so he can snuggle up beside you.
Everyone who meets Navarre has the same reaction: This is the coolest cat!!! He really is a wonderful boy who deserves a very special home.
He is listed as special needs only to make his new family aware he is missing an eye - because when you meet him, that just may be the last thing you notice about this amazing boy.